Telescoping Sliding Gate

A telescoping sliding gate is essentially just that. It is an extended, automated gate system, which can be industrial or residential in size, design, thickness, and level of security. The telescoping sliding gate does just that. It slides horizontally to open, while telescoping, or overlapping the sides of the gate, as opposed to opening outward. These are great gates that allow for space conservation as well, as they slide sideways, rather than out into the open. Either someone such as security personnel stands at the gate, controlling its movements, or the pedestrian or mobile driver uses an intercom system to be allowed entrance into the gate, allowing a selective, monitored, and secure property.

Telescoping Sliding Gate

Pros and Cons

This is an electrical system, which opens upon command, with either a controller or security button. There are pros and cons to a gate using an electric system, which are important to be wary of. A major plus to having this type of gate, is that an electrical system allows for easy accessibility and less manpower. On the downside however, the electrical system may break down, so it is vital to ensure the proper maintenance, protection, and utilization of the manufacturer’s resources to keep this from happening. Another con to this gate is that it needs to be placed on level ground, which may be a challenge to find for certain properties. This type of gate is used for a variety of reasons, which are not limited to the ones mentioned in this article. See below for a list of businesses and structures in which the sliding gate is suited for.

Here are some main uses for telescoping sliding gates

· Parking Lots
· Construction Sites
· Airports
· Private Residences
· Marinas
· Military Bases
· Schools
· Parks and Recreation


Singapore is a busy city-state, with a blend of Asian and Western philosophy, which encompasses Chinese and English speaking people, as well as Malay and Tamil. With this variety of people, comes a bigger population, totalling 4.7 million, which increases its business and tourist attractions. This Asian city promotes a safe, quality, and friendly atmosphere, promoting the health and well-being of its citizens and visitors. With that said, Singapore has endless options that require security and safety measures, such as institutions and other locations mentioned above. There are many facilities and areas that are using, or that could benefit from telescoping sliding gate use here in Singapore. In fact, telescoping sliding gates are the number one selection, and most commonly used of gates throughout Asia.

Parking Lots

A parking lot is an ideal place for this type of sliding gate, especially in a busy, well populated city-state, such as Singapore. It not only helps to control the flow of traffic in and out of a business, such as a shopping district, restaurant, or other industry, but it also can be selected as a certain appearance that fits the trend or radiant look the business owner desires to establish.

Construction Sites

Singapore boasts its increased GDP, with the public subdivisions playing a major role in this increase. Therefore, this has required much construction for more available businesses and jobs in Singapore. Construction sites, no matter the size, are a great way to create a barrier between construction equipment, vehicles and debris, protecting citizens from the potential hazards. It also provides a shield for the workers who may be put in harm’s way if building or repairing near or on a busy street.


There are several airports located in Singapore, including a few major airports such as the Changi Airport, as well as military and other private airports. Airports do utilize these special gates, as they are able to cover a large surface area, and conserve space when opening a gate at a busy airport entrance.

Telescoping Sliding Gate

Private Entrances

A telescoping sliding gate can also be a fancy way to enclose a resident’s home, and is a great option for an additional security measure, especially if a longer driveway blocks vision of who is entering a private property. This type of gate conserves space, while allowing the home owner to provide selected entry through an intercom system. Different designs of these gates are available on the market, such as contemporary to Victorian selections.


Singapore has many boating areas, which is a large tourist attraction for its visitors. Many people partake in sailing Yachts, speed boating, cruises, and more. There is a marine park on Singapore’s Sisters’ Islands, which hosts guided tours as well as research projects. Telescoping sliding gates are a perfect way to keep the surrounding maritime areas, lots, boats, and people secure.


There are many military facilities and training camps in Singapore, such as the Gombak base, Dieppe Barracks, Clementi Camp, Jurong Camp, and many more. Government facilities such as these do utilize these gate operating systems for security measures as well. These types of telescoping gates are of the taller, thicker, and larger opening systems for optimal space and security. The military gates are probably sporting the thickest steel in this industry. Additionally, electric fence options are available for the highest security precautions.


Singapore takes pride in providing the highest quality, private education to children. Again, the sliding doors offer that selected entryway, so that faculty can monitor who is entering, as well as leaving the school. It is a way to deliver effective monitoring of student behaviour, as well as their safety.

Parks and Recreation

The telescoping sliding gates are also used for park and recreational purposes. Singapore is filled with parks and recreational areas of many kinds. These include cultural, gardens, plazas, natural reserves and riverside parks. The look of a gate makes all the difference in the presentations of various parks, which can make people go from saying “That is a nice park” to “What an elegant and stunning view”.

A telescoping sliding gate is really a great invention, which has been used significantly throughout Singapore and the rest of Asia, as you can see by these examples. Not only are they more suitable for space containment, but also to enhance looks of establishments and homes, to provide the greatest security measures, and provide a safe barrier to protect from hazards. Although there are cons to these types of gates, as mentioned above, they are a wise investment for an educated buyer who keeps up on its maintenance. This gate is especially useful in an eventful environment, such as Singapore.

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