Advantage Of Casement Window Vs Sliding Window

As a home owner it is important to understand the fact that both Slider windows and casement windows stand to present you with a series of unique benefits. These benefits however, usually depend on the type of setting in which the windows are set to be used. Interesting thing is, in some cases both type of windows can be used. However, just like many other people settling for one particular type is always the best option which you should seriously consider. In case you have a slight idea about windows, then you might already have an idea of how each feature stands to affect you. This being the case, in order to be able to choose the best type of window for your home, it is important that you take some time and carry out an independent research in order to familiarize yourself more with what the type of window you are interested in can do for you.


The design of your home serves as a clear indication of your personality. More specifically, the type of windows which you choose for your home dictates the type of person that you are. At the moment, there several vinyl window types to choose from all of these serve as a guarantee to clearly bring out the true beauty of your home. However, to choose the best window it is imperative that you look beyond the style/design and outward appearance of the type of window which you may be interested in. it is equally important to take into serious consideration factors such as the pricing, energy efficiency, security features, ventilation and environmental friendliness as discussed below.

Below is a brief comparison of casement and slider windows to start you off

i. Security features

Most people are always wondering whether their windows are safe or not. Truth of the matter is, depending on the person who you turn to for answers you stand to get varying answers concerning which type of window is perceived to be safest. For instance, some people will always tell you that it is easy to operate the movable parts of a slider window. As strange as it may sound, you can easily do this with the casement window as long as it is not latched. Fact is, neither of the windows is in any way superior to the other when it comes to security. This is because, in case anyone wants in your house, all they’ll need to do is simply to break the glass then get in. simply put, security concerns does not differentiate one window over the other when it comes to security.

ii. Energy Efficiency

When choosing a window, it is very important to take into serious consideration the energy efficiency provisions. This is very important because, a window which will help you significantly increase your home’s energy efficiency serves as a guarantee to help you cut on utility bills consequently allowing you to significantly save a lot of money. In fact, you will find it much easier to heat when it gets cold plus the house will always remain cool during summer. More specifically, slider windows are usually fitted with seals around the edges which are flexible hence allow for the window to easily slide through. Unfortunately, continuous opening and closing of the window usually results into the seal being slightly dislocated as a result compromising energy efficiency. This is not the case when using a casement window. It therefore goes without say that, as far as energy efficiency is concerned, casement windows are a more energy efficient choice.


iii. Ventilation

The ventilation provision of the window is yet another very important factor to take into consideration. When the prevailing weather around the house is nice, you should be able to open your window and feel free air freely flowing in. a casement window allows for the complete opening of the entire window. This is because the entire window frame is designed in a free to open to the surrounding air. A sliding window on the other hand features a design in which half the window is permanently stationary. This simply means that you can only open half the window. Taking into consideration all of the above, it is clearly evident that casement windows serve as a guarantee for better ventilation compared to sliding windows. In short, in case you are interested in a properly ventilated window, the casement windows stand to make a big difference.
iv. Pricing
Comparing the two (sliding windows and casement windows), the former is in most cases the cheaper of the two. However, in case you settle for the sliding window, insist on getting the best quality. Casement windows on the other hand though slightly costly stand to give you a series of benefits which stand to make you feel even more comfortable.

Bottom line

Sliding windows and casement windows are by far the most popular type of windows in most homes. Just as it has been mentioned above, sliding windows tend to provide a slight advantage in general viewing of the immediate environment outdoor from within the house. This is because they are designed to move sideways plus their frames comprise of tracks which makes it very easy for the execution of this sideways movements. Casement windows on the other hand are characteristic of a vertical design which depends on the use of hinges for movement. Unfortunately, they move outwards which makes then use up a lot of space compared to sliding windows.

Simply put, there are countless factors which dictate the kind of windows suitable for your home. This being the case, in case you are looking to keep your home secure, it is important to make sure that you settle for nothing short of screened / fortified windows as this way you equally stand to increase your home’s interior privacy. One the other hand, in case you are looking for an energy efficient window then you should consider selecting a double gazed type of window since it stand to provide you with the much needed warmth especially when the weather turns slightly cold. Finally, in case you would like your house to be properly ventilated then try as much as possible to have the windows fitted in opposing walls. If you reside in an area where the temperature shifts quickly you should consider installing interior windows.

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