Aluminum Window & Casement Window

With the rising cost of homes nowadays, there is a growing trend on home owners looking for alternatives to save money on the renovation of the house.

Casement windows are basically windows which are hinged at the side and open outwards. The popularity in this window in the past was for its shop-houses look along with the ability to ventilate the house very well. The popular material back then was either wood or steel which wasn’t an ideal material as it is not as durable. Casement windows are usually installed in places with small window space as it saves on space by opening outwards and allow a high percentage of the space open for ventilation and breeze.

Beside casement windows, there are also different styles of windows like flaps and sliding windows. Flaps is easy to use but require great maintenance as it collects dust in corners easily and the lever that operates it could spoil over time. The look of this design is also not appealing and thus many home-owners stayed away from this choice.

Sliding windows is also a popular choice but require big window spaces as it needs to have a place to park its sliding panels. Thus, this design is usually used in living rooms and kitchens which usually have big window spaces. This design is also highly sought after as it is easier to maintain and does not require the domestic workers to put their life at risk in order to clean the panels.

After choosing the type of windows for your space, it is also important to take note of the materials used. The usual materials used for windows are primarily wood, steel and aluminum.

Wood has been a common choice in the past, but has lost its popularity lately due to its constraints. Wood tend to chip from prolong usage. There is also a high chance of the wood bowing due to the weather and the moisture collected on and inside the wood. This deterred many home-owners from this choice as it is mainly not durable and requires a high level of maintenance.

Steel was also not an ideal material for 2 main reasons. The first of which was that it is heavy and require a lot of effort to open or close. The next reason was that with prolong use, the hinges may lose its protective top coat and that result in rusting. This problem not only makes the matters worse for opening or closing the windows, but it could also become a hazard when the rust eats into the hinge and the window becomes a killer litter to unsuspecting passerby below.

With a great concern of safety, Aluminum window became a thing of the future due to its ability to solve the problem of wood and steel. It was lightweight making it easy for domestic maids, females and elderly to operate. It was also durable to the weather and does not rust, making it prime choice for HDB flats. Along with its high strength over weight ratio, aluminum is also easy to shape and mould and resulted being a more cost-effective material for windows.

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