Wrought Iron Gate

Gone are the kampong days where our house doors are never locked and easily assessable to all. We believe that it was safe as neighbors are just like family members. With the play marble balls days gone, replaced by such extravagant in our life, where we are all busy working for dual income yet more luxuries and occasionally going for holidays. Our home is an important asset where security and access is crucial.

Wrought iron gate is affordable and require less maintenance and has a long lifespan. Fire-proof doors help to minimize damage when our neighbor’s flats are on fire, or to block out unwanted rain and shine and to keep salespersons at bay. Wrought iron gates have also been installed for added security. When one wishes for some breeze, the wrought iron gate protects us from strangers barging in and providing us freedom to watch the go-about of our neighbors. Heat pent up in the house can be cooled off with some breezes at times. As proud home owners, we look for exotic and different gates in order to let our flat stand out from our neighbor’s. No longer are wrought iron gates now a boring one choice thing.

There is an extensive range to choose from such as: – Your house can start from the gate using the Flora range- sunflowers and maple leaves or other types of flowers etc. that becomes part of the gate letting you feel the passion of the owner towards plants from the moment you are at the door. Marine life like dolphin or other fishes are also part of the latest choice designers have come up with for the love of mammals some owners might be.

Budget ranges are suitable for those looking for good buys but of course the designs are less elaborated. Modern gates are not only enhanced with designs, they now comes with colors and add life to the place we call a home. It greatly helps guests to differentiate your flat from others even from when they are far away from it.

When one wishes to combine the entrance of two HDB units into one, wrought iron gates are being used at the common access area and the gates for the individual units are sometimes removed for ease of entrance to both. Whatever the reason for our choice, iron gates have become a must for the urbanized society and do take note, we also have signage that will go hand in hand with the gates.

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