Staircase Railings

Staircase railings are important features in home or office decorations. They are both functional as for daily uses and they are usually served as one of the main and obvious building components.

There are endless designs that you can choose for staircase railings or you can customize your staircase railings within a range of materials used. Wooden and iron balusters, or inner stair poles, are the more conventional materials used for building staircase railings. Materials used are aluminum and stainless steel, or even glasses. Other considerations are the handrails that you hold onto while climbing the stairs, whether you want them plainly designed or with some ornaments. Besides that, stair treads and risers where you step on are some other minor but necessary things that you need to look into for your entire installation.

Some of the designs you can think of are floral patterns, straight colors without patterns, gothic design if it matches your home or office, spiral staircase with sturdy newels or posts, western or oriental, traditional or exotic, scroll or hammered, twist & baskets, Mediterranean or Aztec, single or double ribbons; you can talk to us for more details or just let us do it for you, based on our years of experience, if you are lost in such a huge pool of choices.

Staircase railings are not only for you to climb up and down daily, they can serve aesthetic purposes also, and for some, they believe such functional railings can even fengshui your home or office buildings, so be creative or observant with your choices of such dual functional staircase railings.

Safety Precautions
As in other building restrictions, there are safety measures to be taken of, even if it is for artistic types of staircase railings, distance between balusters will be measured also to provide fuller support and to prevent mishaps such as children being stuck between the poles.

If you are choosing wooden materials for your staircase railings that will be easier as traditionally that was how they were built, either using oak wood or hard maple. If you prefer metal quality, then either iron or aluminum or other more precious metals based on your budget can be employed. These metals can be molded in all forms for you to play around with your creative input.

So whether you are installing a new staircase railing or replacing an old one to change the entire setting of your house or office, you should take note of the details as mentioned above for a more delightful and fulfilling impact that would definitely affect both dwellers or visitors who spend some or most of their time, be it using them or living with them while working or relaxing.

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