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Singapore Window Grill is a dedicated company in design, supply, fabricate and install. We have been accumulating years of in-depth experience, knowledge and know-how of our fortes. We only deliver and practise the following three core elements in doing businesses with our clients:

1. Quality workmanship
2. Delivering on-time
3. Utmost competitive prices

Let us know your requirements and preferences; we will meet your expectations!

Aluminium Window
Aluminium windows provide great strength and resistant to the elements. Aluminium has a high strength-to-weight ratio that can be bent into different configuration & shapes.
• It resists weathering & denting
• Aesthetically pleasing
• Easy to maintain
• Increase the level of security
• Available in any preferred colour

Wrought Iron Gate
Wrought iron is also known as powder coated gates. By having your gate galvanized, it will prevent rust for a long run. Electrostatically painting or powder coating painting your gate has an extensive range of colour to meet your design aesthetic and environment.
• Security for your environment
• Increasing property value and elegance
• Privacy
• Durable & easy to maintain
• Wide range of wrought iron gate

Sliding Window
Sliding window has one sliding pane and fixed pane. It slides along the track inside the window frame to open or close.

Sliding window is easy to maintain and durable. It requires only a few components to operate and low maintenance as owners occasionally slider just has to be lubricated.
Sliding windows are user-friendly as you can just unlock the latch and slide it. They are also cost effective than most other types of windows and has a long lifespan.

Invisible Grill
Invisible grills will not block your vision and provide you with a better scenery view outside. It is a highly durable product that can more than 20 years with no maintenance required. If you have children in your environment, but wish to allow air and light through, this can help to keep your children safe from accidents. Some of us felt that, installing window grills made our home look like prison!

Staircase Railings
Staircase railings are used as support and provide assistance to us along stairs. In the past years, railings are dull and plain, many of us overlooked and they became one of the last items we installed. After installation of staircase railings, it does not require much preservation and maintenance. The material is strong and adds aesthetic design to your environment. There is an extensive range of designs available for the customers that are prepared without affecting the power of the stairway.

Aluminium Gate
Aluminium has replaced traditional iron. Thus more gates, doors are restructured into aluminium. Aluminium can be in any colours you preferred! Over the years, aluminium has gained popularity due to the simple installation, patterns and colours.
• One of the biggest disadvantages of iron gates is that they get rusted.
• Unaffected by termites.
• Unaffected by any kind of weather.
• Aluminium gates are durable & tough.
• Long lifespan and maintenance free.


Singapore leading window grilles & gates supplier. We are specialists in: Aluminium window, wrought iron gate, sliding window, invisible grilles, staircase railings & aluminium gate

Looking for aluminiumw window? Wrought Iron Gate? Installing Invisble grilles? Need Slidng window or the latest staircase railings?

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Found them from a friend so i decided to give them a call. Their salesperson are very professional and arranged an onsite quote for me. The s in charge came up and measure all windows and gave me a quotation. Their service and rates are remarkable and i am very happy dealing with Singapore window grilles. Keep up the great work guys!
Sam Tan (SengKang)
Your one stop solution for all types of grilles & gates services
We are specialists in: Aluminium window, wrought iron gate, sliding window, invisible grilles, staircase railings & aluminium gate

We are specialists in: Aluminium window, wrought iron gate, sliding window, invisible grilles,
|staircase railings, casement window & aluminium gate


Window Grilles? Wrought Iron Gate? Sliding, Casement Window?

I was recommended by my friend David who did their wrought iron gate and casement window by them. Al i can say is they have a wide range of design, great salesman, excellent rates and very good workmanship. I already recommended few of my friends.
Lily Ng (Bedok)


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