Sliding Window

Modernization has changed our needs and demands and the choices we have for everything changes. But one thing remains constant, that is the need to have windows and also the need to have them cleaned periodically. Windows are installed to give us the comfort we failed to take to heart as no longer do we hear flapping of broken windows with blowing gusts of wind and rain rushing into our unit. Sunlight no longer turns the place into a furnace. And to top it up, we are spoilt for choices and some windows have locked installed for our security.

Cleaning of our windows can be better enhanced when sliding windows are used instead of convention types that open out. Our foreign domestic helpers who live in rural area, whom in order to clean the exterior of the windows will open up the iron grills and open the windows and struggle to clean it while holding onto the unlocked grills for supposing safety. Of course that is no safety thus there had been reports of maids falling from heights plunging to their death in the result of trying to maintain the cleanliness or the windows, sitting on the perch of the window side sticking arms and body out to clean the opened up panels. If one is located on the ground floor then the maid can easily clean the conventional open out window safely from interiors first then walk outside to clean the other end. But not everybody lives grounded in our modern high rised building.

Sliding windows also comes in blacked out types so we can look out and see what is going on in our surroundings but people from outside will not be able see us. Other than giving you privacy so you can choose to have a colored or tinted window instead of installing curtains, it also give you a paranomic view when you slide, push and open it all the way out. It also saves the cost of curtains or blinds installation.

Sliding windows are not limited with kitchen windows, bedroom windows only. It can be installed in balconies or landed property and the tendency for it to fall off the casement is lesser as one may not open it up all the way usually. It may not make much difference to you when one opts for a sliding or conventional window when it is only a 2 panel’s type but it makes a great lot of difference when safe cleaning comes into place. The few panel’s windows which some units might have more breezes into the unit when you slide the few panels back and it is unlocked unlike conventional ones where the casement of every 2 windows will definitely be there. The view can be breathless if the apartment is overlooking sea or bay view.

What else do you want to know about sliding windows? Like sliding doors, it’s a brand new concept. Unless you try it out you will never experience the difference it makes to your life. Of course you can make do with conventional types for the time being. But when it comes to a time where you need to make a change, do consider a big change. A sliding window. It makes a difference to your life.

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