Is Sliding Window Suitable For Condo?

A sliding window is one of the most popular window options for condos. This is because sliding windows easily slide open and shut. As a result, they require little manual effort to operate. This makes them desirable to most homeowners. Another thing that makes sliding windows a popular choice is their easy maintainability. They are easy to clean since both sides of the window’s glass are easily accessible. They are great for bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms since they allow in a lot of natural light. Ventilation is also made easier with this type of window. With the secure panel interlocks and the simplistic turn locks, you will have the much needed security for your family.

Is Sliding Window Suitable For Condo?

The other benefit of sliding windows is the fact that they are designed using the sliding mechanism meaning that additional space is not required when opening them.
Therefore, this makes them perfect for rooms and corridors that are small and do not have any extra space. With no outside protrusions, it is easier to add security screens as well as insect screens. The number of panels that the window has plays an important role because it determines the amount of opening you will have. For instance, if you choose to have 2 panels installed, the opening will be 50 percent.

You should also choose the number of tracks that you want to have on your window frame.
You should keep in mind that one track for each frame gives you maximum opening. It also increases the width of your frame. In Singapore, the preferred choice for condos and other housing units is sliding windows. Apart from their trendy look and easy maintainability, there are many other advantages of a sliding window. They are very affordable when compared to other types of windows.

Therefore, you should know that sliding windows are suitable for your condo.
How do you choose the best ones? There are many options to choose from. You can choose between single and double glazing. You also get to choose the type of glass. Do you want a transparent or blacked out glass? With blacked out glass, you will be able to enjoy the view from your house while restricting all outsiders from invading your private space by peeking in. To conserve energy in your home, you can opt for emissivity glass which reduces the consumption of energy by keeping an optimal temperature.

As a homeowner, you should put the security of your condo first.
A sliding window provides plenty of security because it has security locks. The lock can either be purchased together with the window or as a separate unit. For peace of mind, you should get a professional to install the locks for you. The window itself is easy to install thus saving you installation costs. However, if you are not confident in your skills, you should hire a professional to do it for you. Since most condos are luxurious, sliding windows usually add a touch of class and aesthetic appeal to them.

A sliding window has a robust design that can insulate sound.
This is ideal for people who like relaxing in their homes while enjoying peace and quiet. You should know that there are many cases of falling windows. This is mainly caused by improper installation and the use of unsuitable rivets. The dangers posed by a falling window are dire. To avoid them, you need to make sure that you hire a reputable expert to install your windows. Nonetheless, you can install them for yourself by following the installation manual to the letter.

A sliding window is a viable choice for your condo.
All you need to do after installing it is learn how to take care of it. You should keep it clean and avoid opening it too forcibly. You can also maintain it by getting rid of debris on the track before it accumulates. Doing so will ensure that your window panels slide properly whenever you open or close the window. Once you learn how to take care of your windows, they will last for a long time without needing repairs. However, even with proper care, the condition of your windows is bound to deteriorate with time. When this happens, they need to be repaired.
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We are specialists in: Aluminium window, wrought iron gate, sliding window, invisible grilles,
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