10 Worst Mistakes People Make In Window Grill Installation

Today, many people prefer going for window grills as they offer more protection by preventing authorized intruders from breaking into their homes. However, with the many benefits they offer some people end up wasting their hard earned money by installing the grills incorrectly. It is important that you seek expert advice and guidance before you proceed to buy and install window grills. If you choose the wrong ones or fit them in your home without following recommended instructions, they may not serve the intended purpose as they are supposed to.

Window Grill Installation

If you want to enjoy the best services with window grills, you must do some research and determine which ones best suits you. For better results and utmost safety, here are top 10 worst mistakes people make in window grill installations, and how you can avoid them.

· Using wrong materials-

When it comes to selecting materials, you have to be cautious not to be duped into buying sub-standard ones. You have to ensure you get materials that can overcome stress exerted by walls. Some people buy and install window grills only to find that they are curved because of excess stress after some time. Get advice from professionals about the stress exerted by your walls before you proceed to make the purchase.

· Choosing wrong design-

Grills come in various designs. You will find some made for brick walls and others for concrete walls, with each offering maximum security depending on where installed. Do not try using a design for a purpose it isn’t intended for. If you go ahead and install a wrong window grill, you may end up wasting your hard earned money as it may get damaged easily, reducing its lifespan.

· Failing to fill spaces between bars-

You have bought grills made with the right material, right? Now you don’t just proceed and install them, leaving spaces between bars. Intruders can use such spaces to break into your home, or pets can use them to get out of the house. It is important your ensure that you seal all the spacing and see that there is none left, even the minutes to allow pets in and out of your room.

· Using the wrong grill thickness-

The whole purpose for window grills is protecting you from intruders who may plan to break into your home. For this reason, it is only natural to assume that you will want utmost protection, which you can achieve by installing thick grills. However, if the window is small then do not use very thick grills as it may obstruct your view. On the other hand, if you use thin bars for a large window, it may look quite odd in addition to risking breaking by intruders. Know the right size of the grills and base all the measurements with the dimensions of your windows.

· Fixing the grills yourself-

Fine, it may be easy to fix a broken window pane, but it may be very complicated to install a window grill. If you are not a professional installer, it is recommended you seek expert services for smooth installation. Only these people have a keen eye to determine even the minutes mistakes and mend them before they become a problem to you in the future. They will guarantee perfect results.

Window Grill Installation

· Hiring incompetent people to fix window grills-

it’s one thing hiring armatures to install your window grills. It’s another altogether hiring experienced professionals to handle the job effectively. There are many companies online that promise to offer you impeccable work, but the truth is that most don’t live to their word. Don’t be fooled by their convincing lines, do your own research and only seek competent professionals who can guarantee expert work. They should understand the stresses your walls exert and how to balance the grills at equilibrium state. By doing so you are sure to have the grills serve you for years without the need to replace or repair them.

· Using wrong color to match the window frames-

Window grills come in various colors. One mistake that people make is choosing a color that doesn’t match the frame, making the home look odd. It is important you understand the combination before you go ahead and order the grills. If you don’t have an idea what color is best, seek expert advice and you will be happy with the results.

· Failing to consider installation cost-

Quality comes first when it comes to installing window grills. You will find that some companies offer installation services at very low costs but they end up doing sub-standard work. You should settle for reasonable charges and ensure the company you hire will guarantee to offer you quality and professional services.

· Rushing to buying window grills-

It’s completely understandable that you want utmost security for your family and property, but this doesn’t mean that you rush into buying window grills. It is recommended that you do some research and learn about these grills, how they work, and of course the designs. This way you will be sure to make right decision instead of regretting in the future.

· Installing fake window grills-

These days almost every original product has a counterfeit that sells at cheaper prices. Even if you are on a budget, don’t buy fake window grills and install them thinking that they will offer you the security you want. Ask the experts and let them guide you to where you can find original window grills to install in your home. Don’t compromise your safety just because you did not consult widely.

The importance of window grills cannot be stressed enough. They are the secret to keeping off intruders from breaking into your home. If you are looking t install one today, it is critical you keep in mind these ten mistakes and avoid them as much as you can. As a rule of thumb, consider seeking competent companies to help you with the installation, and consult widely from experts in every step of the way. Don’t be duped into purchasing fake window grills or those that don’t fit your home; security should be a priority to you and you shouldn’t compromise it at any cost. Keep these points on your fingertips and you will be sure to enjoy security and beauty of window grills for years to come.

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