Window Grills - Major Types And Advantages

Whether it is about your house, your business, or your life, you are always concerned about your safety and wellbeing. You may wear military t-shirts, and assume that by wearing those shirts, the military is taking care of your property. However, you need to do a lot more than that. In order to ensure proper safety of your house, you will need advanced alarm systems, locked doors and window grills. Burglars often find it easy to break the windows and enter the house. Therefore, you must consider installing window grills on your windows to give them a tough time and make their life difficult.

Window Grilles

Here are some of the major types of window grills, each categorized according to the material they are made of:

· Aluminium Window Grills:

These types of grills are most common among homeowners living in Singapore because they are light weight but still strong enough. This particular characteristic of aluminium grills makes it easier to fix and maintain these grills. Moreover, this also means that the grill causes less stress on the concrete upon which it is fixed as compared to the level of stress caused by an iron grill.

· Wrought iron Window Grills:

These grills are stronger and harder to break. Many people tend to assume that just because these grills are made of iron there is a strong likelihood that they will rust. But, the fact of the matter is that they are treated in a way that they are quite resistant to rust. These types of grills are available in various designs and are quite common among homeowners in Singapore.

· Iron Window Grills:

These types of grills are quite heavy. They are considered strongest of all types. A number of people think that as they are heavy-weight, they would look unattractive and bulky. But, there are some designs that look fairly nice and attractive. However, these grills are not resistant to rusting.

Window Grilles

Window grills are further categorized according to their designs and mechanism they follow in their working.

· Hinged Window Grills:

This type of window grills comprises a metal frame which is usually mounted on the outside of a window. The biggest advantage of this type of grill is that it can be used as an emergency exit if any accident occurs.

· Immobile Window Grills:

As the name suggests, this type of window grill is quite immobile. Thus, it cannot be used as an emergency exit. The metal frame is fixed on the concrete and is immobile.

· Period Window Grills:

This type of grill is used in buildings or structures that contain any ancient landmarks or monuments. During the time when construction or renovation is underway, people can be kept from entering the premises.

· Accordion Window Grills:

With that said, there are various other types of grills available in Singapore as well. You have to choose your window grill type in accordance with your own preferences and specific requirements.

Now, let’s take a look at various benefits of installing window grills in Singapore:

If you have glass windows at your home and if you are thinking whether to install window grills or not, then here are three major reasons that will let you know why it is so important to have window grills.

Window Grilles

· Safety:

You must understand the fact that glass windows are vulnerable points of a home and if they are not coupled with additional protection, the burglars can easily break in to your house or your house can be an easy target for vandalism. By installing powerful window grills, you can reduce this risk to an appreciable extent. But, it is not just about keeping intruders and burglars out; you have to keep safety within, especially if you have small children who are always looking for adventure in all the wrong areas of the house. Moreover, window ledges are notorious for objects falling down. Therefore, with window grills, you are not only ensuring your safety, but you are also avoiding plenty of accidental material damage.

· Fresh Air:

While glass windows let in sufficient sunlight, they can block the air circulation when closed. If you like to throw your windows open even in the night, window grills are simply a must. They are an excellent way to keep your home properly ventilated without allowing any of the unwanted insects to buzz around in good weather.

· Aesthetics:

A well designed wrought iron grill seems pretty elegant and attractive in your living room. Window grills are now available in various different designs and installing them in your house gives a definite boost to the style you are looking to set for your space.

· Most window grills can be opened with a smooth sliding action since they usually sit on a strong guide track:

With no electric motors or gadgets attached, you need not to worry about any breakdowns and repairs. All you have to do is perform some occasional clean ups with water and a damp cloth. Otherwise, they are almost maintenance free. Grills can be quickly unlocked in an emergency situation. Obviously, you must never implement any physical security mechanism that can’t be unlocked in an emergency situation. It is a matter of life and death.

Thus, the benefits of window grills are simply too many. For example, window grills offer you better security, better practicality and better price. Once you have determined your vulnerable locations and areas, it is important for you to contact your supplier for the selection of the right type of materials and styles to satisfy your specific safety requirements and tastes. Obviously, you need to work within your budget. This, however, must not be an issue as there are a wide variety of window grills available in a range of different colors, designs and prices. Thus, you can easily find a style or design that matches your specific requirements. Make sure to carefully study your requirements and preferences before choosing a window grill design for your home. Thus, you need to consider all of these vital aspects when opting for window grills for your home.

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We are specialists in: Aluminium window, wrought iron gate, sliding window, invisible grilles,
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