d How To Choose Window Grill For Landed Properties

How To Choose Window Grill For Landed Properties

Are you looking forward to installing window grilles for your landed property in Singapore? If yes, you must be wondering how to find the most suitable one? Though of course security must be the first thing you would perhaps consider, but there are other things you need to keep in mind too, like the color, style, size and so on. To make things easier for you, given below are some tips, which if you keep in mind, you certainly will be able to find the best window grilles for your landed property.


1. Structure

You can opt for either basic or complex structures that complement your home, and add to its overall look. The best thing about grille structures is that the users may modify and create designs that they find attractive so that it suits their home design perfectly. As far as the structure is concerned, you may opt for simple designs or the ornamental ones, whichever you think will perfectly match your taste, and suit your home.

2. Design

It is possible for you to personalize your landed property window grilles with various tinted glasses, or you may even select pre-arranged patterns, which suits the environment and style of your home perfectly. Some of the most common types of window grille designs are:

Diamond Shape -

In this case, strong diagonals are used to create a beautiful and strong shape. The main advantage of this type of grille is that more metal goes into making it, and thus they are stronger. It makes your window look good while also offering proper safety.

Moroccan Shaped -

These grilles have open spaces, woven patterns, and tight curves, which helps make your home look attractive while ensuring complete safety. This type of grille will suit your home perfectly, particularly if you have lots of outdoor decorations. If you wish your home to have an ancient Moroccan look, then this design is just right for you.

Horizontal Shaped -

Even though you might be of the notion that these grilles can look very boring and dull, that is actually not true. In fact, these are amongst the most commonly used grille design, as they are simple yet beautiful.

Apart from these styles, heart-shaped and floral patterns are also preferred by many. Heart shaped design complements the garden style home perfectly, whereas weaving grilles or flower patterns is your choice if you are in the search of something more conservative.

Window Grill

3. Material

It is very important to choose a material that suits your taste and needs.

Aluminium -

If you need a relatively strong type of grille and also need enough light, then the aluminium grille will suit you perfectly. These grilles are not only strong and light but are also low maintenance, because the dirt and dust particles that they may accumulate are very easy to remove. Moreover, aluminium grilles are also not prone to rust, so you will not have to spend money on paint time and again to prevent corrosion.

Wrought Iron -

 Yet another material you can opt for is wrought iron. These grilles are very strong and very hard to break, thus ensuring great safety. If you are interested in something very strong so that you can stay safe from intruders, then this type of grille is ideal for you.

4. Types

The two most common types of window grilles to choose from for your landed property are hinged grilles and sliding grille.

Hinged grilles -

hinged grilles, also known as swing out grilles, are great in times of emergency, like fire breaking, when you need to escape from your house. This grille is in fact made keeping this purpose in mind. If you find this feature helpful, then the hinged grille is great for you.

Sliding grilles -

the next type you can consider investing in are the sliding grilles. This kind of grille is made in such a way that it minimizes space constraints compared to the swing out type. You can get the sliding grilles in various colors and designs to complement the look of your home.

Window Grill For Landed Properties

5. Size

It is absolutely essential to give importance to the size of the grille while making your decision. Some people like big window grilles, while others like small spaced grilles due to lack of space or any other reason. Remember, each of them have their own disadvantages and advantages. However, the biggest advantage of bigger grilles is that they allow better flow of air, and the best thing about smaller grilles is that they offer better security.

6. Color

Generally, grilles are available in powder coated color or metallic colors. If you want your grilles to match with your windows perfectly, make sure they are of identical color. Since aluminium is the most commonly opted material as far as grilles in Singapore is concerned, the two colors mentioned above are your best options. However, if you plan to get the wrought iron grilles installed, then you can choose from many different color options. But, you anyway should make sure the color of the grilles matches the color of your windows.

7. Security Features

It is very important for you to get security meshes installed, particularly if you are residing in a Singapore flat or apartment with windows that face a common corridor, to make sure you stay safe from intruders. In such cases, you can opt for twirling floral motifs, as they can look great with beautiful ornate d├ęcor patterns. This is perfect for classic homeowners who are in the search of simple yet effective ways of improving the look of their home, and at the same time enjoy complete security. They have a durable and strong design that is available in various interesting and attractive patterns, making them a perfect option for people living in Singapore.

So, whenever you plan to get window grilles installed in your landed properties in Singapore, first go through each of the tips given above. If you do follow these tips, then your task you choosing the best grille for your home surely is going to become a lot easier, also, will save you loads of your precious time.

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