What Is The Latest Window Design In Singapore?

Grilles are an inexpensive and creative way to add value to your house and property. Besides acting as a shield for the window glass, they also protect your house from burglary by adding a strong metallic element to the otherwise vulnerable windows. Wrought iron and steel window grilles are timeless in nature and always in fashion. They can be made to fit in the scheme of any property, be it a conventional city house or a ranch in the city’s outskirts. Window grilles immediately transform a drab looking plain house into charming home. While the primary aim of a window grille is to protect the window glass, they have been used as a decorative element in the room as well. With latest fabrication technologies making their way into Singapore markets, people have started showing interest in latest window grille designs to decorate their homes with a grille that suits their taste. 

What Is The Latest Window Design In Singapore?

Here are some window grille designs and their variations that are widely being subscribed to by customers in Singapore:

1. Horizontal bars

Horizontal bars relieve the cage like impression that vertical bars give. For those who seek a no frills look for their house, horizontal bars are the best choice. Horizontal bars can also widen the look of a narrow room. This is the best choice when budget is limited and there are a number of windows to look after. One good way to decorate horizontal bars is to grow some vine on them. 

2. Diamonds

A good option for those who seek to have a decent grille design with little decorative value is to go for diamonds which are made by using strong diagonals. This pattern of window grilles is very sturdy and is made up of more metal than a horizontal or vertical pattern. It provides a less harsh look to the window thereby making the room attain a soft ambiance. 

3. Moroccan

Moroccan window grilles utilize tight curves, open spaces and woven patterns to create a decorative as well as protective window grille. Such window grilles are ideal for homes with a lot of outdoor décor and ornamentation. Such a grille consists of an intricate design which will remind you of stained glass designs. This type of grille suits those who are looking for something more decorative and complicated than a simple grille with geometrical bars.

Besides these designs of window grilles, four common types of window grilles are as follows:

1. True divided light

TDL or True Divided Light window grilles are seen in older homes with historic architecture. This type of grille has individual sections of glass framed between the material of the grille. Make sure your grille has adequate depth to cater for the latest energy efficient insulating glass. This grille has a benefit that in the event of a broken glass pane, you only need to replace that pane and not the entire glass of the window. 

2. Simulated divided light

This is an alternative to True Divided Light grilles and is in much demand these days in Singapore. In such grilles, the grilles are fixed to the exterior as well as interior of the glass. To make them comparable to True Divided Light grille, you can use spacers between panes of glass. Such type of grille provides a unique look with a minimum loss of energy efficiency. 

3. Grilles between-the-glass 

This kind of grille is the classic grille that you would have most commonly seen. It allows hassle free cleaning of inside as well as outside of the window. The fact that these grilles are protected by glass on either sides makes the windows easy to clean. 

4. Snap-on grilles

They are removable grilles that provide for an easy window cleaning. Such grilles are used only in interiors and since they are removable, they allow a lot of flexibility to business as well as home owners to change the pattern of the grille for a different look. 


Besides these grille designs, custom grilles are also catching huge popularity in Singapore. Metal grilles can be custom made for any design of window such as a curved window or a transom. Such customized window grilles have a combination of aesthetically designed patterns such as heart shapes, floral motifs and circular patterns. When you go for intricately weaved pattern of a window grille, you reflect your choice through them. Heart shaped pattern compliments the garden of the house while floral designs reflect a more traditional approach to the aesthetics of the room. 

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