Types of Window Grilles

In our modern world crime is a very grim reality that targets all aspects of life. As the recession hits home and money becomes tight we are all witnessing the levels of crime go up. A prime target of both burglars and robbers are businesses as they often carry valuable goods.

Window Grilles

As the recession hits home and money becomes tight we are all witnessing the levels of crime go up. A prime target of both burglars and robbers are businesses as they often carry valuable goods.

Types of Window Grilles

There are many categories and types of windows grilles. Actually, you will have a lot of variety to select from. Here are some of best window grilles for your home.

Decorative Window Bars

These are window security grills. They can be utilized in homes and businesses in Singapore. Their decorative look makes them look as if you have not installed them for the protection purpose. These can either be removable or fixed bars. Decorative grilles are constructed from different items ranging from iron to wood to aluminum to steel and many others. Some decorative window grills are solely built for the decoration purpose while others can offer dual purpose, decoration as well security.

Removable Grilles

These are different from fixed window bars in terms of functionality and also make. They are removable grilles, and replaced or can be removed quite easily. Their main purpose is to offer security, but they are quite flexible and extremely easy and simple to use.

Window Security Bars with alarm

These are excellent anti-theft window grilles made with the purpose of security and protection. Inca someone tries to break them, touch them or climb them, an alarm triggers instantly. If you have the alarm security window grilles installed at the business or home, there is no need to panic.

How you can protect your business with window security grilles.

They act as a deterrent.

The best way you can protect your business from burglary, theft, or another crime is to put people off the idea in the first place. Businesses that do nothing to protect themselves from lock the door at night are putting themselves at a risk. A standard window or glass door can be smashed in seconds, and criminals know this. Security window grilles can be just the deterrent you need. They are made of strong metals and cover the whole window with either a grid pattern or prison bar-style pattern. This makes it impossible for thieves to enter your premises. No criminal in his right mind would attempt breaking into a place that's impossible to break in to.

Window Grilles

They lower your insurance premium.

Insurance companies love window security grilles. For them, they are the silver lining that dramatically reduces the risk of you making a claim. What you should not forget is that insurance companies aren't there to help you; they're there to make money. So if your business has better security measures than the local prison, then the insurance companies are going to see you as a valuable asset. There's very little risk to them, and they'll reward you with a reduced premium. Over a few years, your security grilles will pay for themselves just because you'll be paying less for insurance.

They give you peace of mind.

This is probably the best reward of installing security window grilles at your place of business. It is unlikely that you will have sensitive data and files about your business on site. Accounts, employee details, contracts, receipts, and more are often stored at business premises. If you lack any proper protection, then all of this crucial data is at risk. Running a business can be worrying enough without the added stress of a potential burglary. If you install proper window protection, then you are leaving thieves with no feasible method of entering your business. If they can't get in, you won't worry, and your peace of mind will be restored.

The benefits of window security grilles

• Proper window protection -
windows are traditionally the weakest, most vulnerable security point of a property.

• A powerful deterrent -
window security grilles will make any property far less of a tempting prospect to any potential intruder. These industrial strength grilles make it all but impossible to penetrate a property via its windows.

• Flexibility -
in their retractable format, window security grilles offer great flexibility over more traditional fixed bars. They can be folded back, concertina-like, and can be temporarily hidden, or at least made a background feature of any room. This can be helpful when trying to let in air, or perhaps when trying to create a more relaxed feeling in a room.

• Insurance protection -
numerous insurance companies, are of the opinion that glass security grilles are a more superior than any suite of building security measures. Certain grilles may bring down premium costs or even be rules to some policies of insurance

Window Grilles

• Security grilles fit in well -
these security window grilles are increasingly being produced with artistic appeal in mind. They are often given in a variety of appearances, whatever works best with the surrounding decoration, furnishings, and fitting. This makes them an attractive prospect to house-proud homeowners, as well as to businesses trying to reinforce their brands.
Some of the people who live or maybe work in one type of premises or another, standard security measures will feel quite sufficient. High-quality door and window locks, and perhaps a burglar alarm, will fit the bill. Never the less, for others, possibly because of the area in which they are located, or possibly on word-of-mouth advice from neighbors, or because they are trying to lower their insurance premiums, more robust security measures are essential.

Window security grilles - a reassuring security enhancement

For such concerned individuals, window security grilles may be just the solution. These grilles are an extra layer of security that is fitted, usually internally, behind a window. Sometimes they are attached externally, providing a real deterrent against any attempts to break the glass. They are manufactured using steel and are designed to protect the room they serve while not obscuring the view into or out of place. Sometimes they are configured as vertical or horizontal bars coming down or across the window region, but more often they are shaped to form latticework effects. Alternatively, there are a diamond-shaped pattern that breaks up the straight lines at set points in the grille. Such aesthetic features help window security grilles to look attractive and fit in better with their surroundings.

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