Window Grilles - To Replace Or Repair?

A great way to add security to a home is with a window security grill. Window Grilles should not be confused with the window security bars. Yes, security bars are effective, but they can be an ugly eyesore, as most people think they give a house the appearance of a prison. However, a window security grille (also known as a window security screen) can add effective security without taking away the attraction of the house.


They are made from a steel mesh which can be pushed or pulled out of the frame, and they are also resistant to cutting. As a steel security door, steel mesh on them is permanently mounted in a sturdy steel frame. The frame is welded on all four corners and installs on a window using bolts or screws. One side of the gate is hinged so as to be opened from the inside of the house. Building codes or fire codes in most cities require that no windows be permanently blocked. Because they are designed to keep intruders, there is a quick release mechanism located inside the security gate that will allow the grill to hinge open in case of emergencies. This allows occupants to quickly evacuate the house through the window.

For some people who live or work in one type of premise or another, standard security measures feel quite sufficient. High quality door and window locks, and maybe an alarm system, will fit the bill. However, for others, perhaps because of the area in which they are located, or perhaps on the advice of word-of-mouth from neighbours, or because they try to reduce their insurance premiums, the most robust security measures are essential.

Window security grilles - improved safety reassuring

For such concerned individuals security grills of the window may just be the solution. These grids are literally an extra security layer that is fitted, usually inside, behind a window. Sometimes they are attached to the outside, providing an effective deterrent against any attempt to break the glass. They are made of steel and are designed to protect the room they serve without obscuring the view in or out of the room. Sometimes they are in the form of vertical or horizontal bars or down through the window area, but more usually they are shaped to create a lattice effect. Alternatively, there may be a diamond-shaped pattern that breaks the straight lines to set points in the grille. Such aesthetic features help to look attractive, and fit better with their environment.

Window Grill

The advantages of the Window Grilles

• Proper window Protection - the windows are traditionally the weakest point most vulnerable to security of property

• A powerful deterrent - the window security grills will make a property less of a tempting prospect for any potential intruders. These industrial strength grids make it almost impossible to enter a property through its windows

• Flexibility - in their retractable screen, window security grills offer great flexibility on several traditional fixed bars. They can be folded in accordion, and can be masked temporarily, or at least take a background function from scratch. This can be useful when trying to let in the air, or perhaps trying to create a more relaxed feeling in a room.

• Insurance Advantage - many insurance companies are of the opinion that the window security grills are superior addition to any suite of building security measures. These grids can reduce the cost of premiums or even be a condition of some insurance policies

• Security window grilles fit in well - these security grilles are increasingly manufactured with aesthetic appeal in mind. They often come in a variety of colors, whatever works best with the decoration, furniture and surrounding assembly. They see an attractive prospect for homeowners house-proud, and for businesses trying to build their brands made.

To Replace Or Repair

Window grill designs can provide your home with, fantastically new to increase security and maintain the sleek sophistication using decorated and versatile styles. With window grill design of parts, you should not be satisfied with traditional styles and starchily generic; you can have your choice of a wide range of models to suit any environment and decor. Because of the many design choices on offer, you can choose between simple sophistication or more complex patterns to complement your home and improve its overall appeal.

The real advantage of the window grill design is that you are able to create and customize design options to develop a look that will suit any home. Whether your home is European, traditional or ultramodern, you'll be able to find a window grille design that is right for it. You can choose decorative or simple styles to enhance or blend into the environment of a particular space. For the average homeowner, grids serve as a simple but very effective way to improve the appeal of your home with the added feature to discourage intruders and break-ins. They have a strong design, reinforced and come in a variety of attractive designs that make it the ideal choice for any home.

If you're big on safety but don't want to compromise the quality of your house's appearance, then maybe you should look into window grill design. You can customize the screens for the windows using a wide range of patterns and colors, or you can select a pre-arranged pattern to match the stylistic qualities of your home. Whether you opt for personalized preferences or a pre-made design, window grilles are a great choice because they give you the comfort of the variety. You can, for example, choose particularly aesthetically appealing designs such as floral patterns, circular patterns, heart-shaped motifs, and even finely woven designs. Heart designs complement a beautiful traditional garden while weaving and floral patterns are a more conservative traditional choice. More generally, and especially if you want to keep things simple, you can opt for something as simple as a diamond, arched or rectangular design. There is really no limit to how much you can enhance and complement the look and feel of your home with striking design options window grill.

Then you have the hardware options! Depending on your taste, style, and purpose of the design of the grill, you can choose between wrought iron, cast iron, steel and aluminium (plus a few more options) with different color additions, style, or enhanced security. Whether you prefer the old models or modern finishes, because the window grilles can be customized to any and every taste.

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We are specialists in: Aluminium window, wrought iron gate, sliding window, invisible grilles,
staircase railings, casement window & aluminium gate


Window Grilles? Wrought Iron Gate? Sliding, Casement Window? Invisible Gate?

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