Pros And Cons on Installing Sliding Window Grill for HDB

 Whether you are looking for the best window grill for your home or for your HDB unit, you need some information at your disposal. Sliding window grill is nowadays common, especially in Singapore. Many Singaporeans prefer them due to various reasons. But before you rush to them as your best choice, you need to know what is all about them. Below are the pros and cons of sliding window grills.

Window Grill for HDB


Easy Maintenance

Maintenance when it comes to window grills matters the most. How well you maintain them dictates whether they will last for long and whether they will remain appealing to eyes or not. Some window grills come with complicated components such that when it comes to maintenance procedures such as cleaning it becomes a hard task. This is not the case when it comes to sliding window grills. They are made simple hence maintaining them is quite easy.

Larger Window Space

With this type of window grills, window space is maximized. This makes them ideal for rooms that need much ventilation and fresh air. Also, they give enough entrance of light in the room due to their large sizes.

Cheap in Price

I guess the price is something to consider before making any purchase. Going for something that will serve the same purpose at a lower price is very economical. As highlighted earlier, sliding grills are made of lesser components. This is also reflected in the price since they come at a reasonable price. The higher the number of components, the higher the price. This makes sliding window grills suitable for those who intend to reduce cost while coming up with their HDB units.


Durability is another aspect to consider while making any purchase. A good product must give you the value of your hard- earned money. Due to their structure, sliding window grills are made to serve their purpose for a long period of time. This is because; they are made of fewer components which are prone to damage for example springs.

Window Grill for HDB

Easy Operation

Window grills can sometimes give you a hell of a time to operate. Some of them are made of complex components which makes operation even harder. Sliding window grills are made of a hatch which makes the operation of this window easy with less effort. With just a mere release or hold of the hatch, the window is opened or closed without a lot of hustle.

Comes in Various Materials

Window grills should be made of strong materials. This is because they are meant to enhance privacy and security as well. These grills are made of various materials. This gives you an opportunity to choose the material you deem best. The material you choose may as well be determined by various factors. For example, the material used for home grills may not be ideal for grills for residential houses. The best thing is that you are at liberty to choose depending on your needs.

Available in All Sizes

Sizes do matter when it comes to window grills. Size is determined mostly by the place the window grill is installed. For example, the best grill for a living room may be too large for a kitchen. These grills are available for all sizes. This means you can acquire the best window grill size for your living room, kitchen and bathroom as well.

Locking them is Easy

Security is paramount. The sole reason for installing windows and doors is to ensure that your house is safe in your absence. However, when dealing with some window grills this is not usually the case. Some are so complicated posing a great challenge while locking. Some may behave as if they are locked while in the real sense they are not. This may jeopardize your privacy as well as risking your belongings. Sliding window grills, in this case, are easy to lock. This ensures that your house is safe always.

Although this window grills are considered the best, they may still pose a challenge. As much as they are preferred by many, they still have some shortcomings. Below are some of them.

Window Grill for HDB


Replacement of Sliders is Not Possible

These types of window grills are made of sliders. Depending on how often you open and close your windows, these sliders may at times be damaged. This may be as a result of friction involved each time you open or you close your window. Once this sliders fail or are damaged, replacing them is quite impossible. This means that you need to replace the whole window unit. In this case, you may need to spend an extra coin that you didn’t intend.

They Need Regular Cleaning

The siding slot in most cases attracts dust. This calls for regular cleaning which at times may be a challenge. This makes this type of sliding window grills unsuitable for dusty areas. Let it be noted that time is essential hence cleaning the sliding slot every now and then may cost you much of your precious time.

If Glass Space is Large, It’s Hard to Clean Them

For those short people, cleaning this window grills may be a hard task. Especially if the glass space is large, cleaning the window from one side becomes a challenge. The situation becomes even more complicated if they are installed on a story building. This means that at no point would you manage to clean them from outside. Lack of proper cleaning adversely affects their durability as well as efficiency.

Choosing the best window grill for your home may not be an easy task as many may assume. You need to do a lot of research and enquire from various sources to make sure you end up with the best window grills for your house. Sliding window grills maybe your next option. The only thing to do to ensure that you purchase the best, know the material you prefer them to be made of. Also, know the size that you want and also distinguish them from the places you want them installed. Choosing window grills in different sizes for your living room, kitchen, bathroom as well as the balcony is a bright idea.

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We are specialists in: Aluminium window, wrought iron gate, sliding window, invisible grilles,
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