Pros & Cons On Aluminium Window Grilles

Every house or building must have windows which are normally fixed to serve various functions. Windows can be fixed for ventilation purposes; some might be fixed security reasons while others might be fixed simply for decorative purposes. There are different window designs that one can use on his house or building depending on the structure and design of the house. Likewise, there are also different types of windows that can be used; we have wooden windows, metallic windows and steel windows.

Pros And Cons On Aluminium Window Grilles

When fixing windows on your house or building, you might want to add some decorations on the windows by inserting grilles on your window. Window grilles can be used to serve two major functions; they can be used for decoration purposes and they can also be used to make the windows stronger and more secure. Aluminium window grilles are the common type of grilles used on windows in Singapore. Grilles can be made either from metal, wood or even stone, but metal grilles are the most commonly used.

In decoration, window grilles can be arranged in a certain unique pattern which creates an appealing attraction both on the interior and exterior of the windows as well as the room. The grilles can also be fixed in between the window to prevent any possible entry from outside. When such grilles are fixed on the window it becomes impossible for anyone to pass through the window easily.

The advantages of aluminium window grilles

Aluminium window grilles are undoubtedly among the best type of window grilles you will find in the market. These types of grilles have a lot of advantages over other types of grilles.

Some of the pros of aluminium grilles include the following;

• They are Multipurpose-the first advantage of these grilles is that they can be used both for decorative and security purposes at the same time. When being used for decorative purposes the grilles can be arranged and welded in such a way that they create a unique pattern on the windows.

• They have more strength-these window grilles are stronger and have a lot of power; this makes them suitable grilles to be used for security purposes because it is extremely hard to break through such grilles. They give you a sense of security both during the day and at night, especially if you are in crime prone areas.

• Affordability-aluminium grilles are readily available in the market and they are relatively cheap because the material used in manufacturing them is also cheap and easy to find. Aluminium is available in large quantities and it is so easy to extract it.

• Durability-this type of grilles can stand the test of time. They are strong and do not break or bend easily and this makes them last for a longer time.

• Variety-the grilles come in two different colors, this gives you the opportunity to choose which color is the best from the two available colors.

• They are rust resistant-aluminium grilles do not react with water and can therefore not rust easily. Even if they windows come in close contact with water or moisture they will suffer no effect.

• Low maintenance costs-since aluminium is rust resistant, it becomes easy to maintain such grilles because they do not require any form of rust resistant treatment. Once you have installed them you will never incur any additional costs in terms of maintaining them.

• Fire resistant-aluminium is a metal that cannot catch fire easily, this characteristic makes it easy to put off any fire in case it breaks out, this makes them safer to use on your windows.

The cons of aluminium grilles

The greatest weakness of such grilles is that they can easily get oxidized after a certain period of time. The solution to this will be to use powder coated aluminium grilles or anodized grilles.

The second demerit of aluminium grilles is that they easily get stained by water or extreme moisture. This makes them vulnerable to extreme wet climatic conditions.

The third disadvantage is that aluminium grilles cannot absorb and withstand vibrations of any kind.
In general, these grilles can give your windows the best decorative design while at the same time, giving you the assurance of security at any given time.

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We are specialists in: Aluminium window, wrought iron gate, sliding window, invisible grilles,
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