How To Clean Your Window Grill?

Simple Tips For Window Grill Cleaning

Keeping your house neat and clean can add an aesthetic appeal to your home. It is important that every nook and corner of our house is completely clean to get a total finishing. Windows and window grills are those portions in your house that are constantly exposed to harsh environmental elements such as sunlight rain or dust. Since dirty windows grills can make your windows look dirty and unkempt, cleaning the windows grills is important to keep your home clean and beautiful. Take a look at some simple window grill cleaning tips listed below in the guide below.

How To Clean Your Window Grill?

Clean the built – up dirt using a cloth

Choose a good material cloth such as a cotton cloth or socks to clean window grills. Using these types of materials will help prevent the cloth from slipping from your hand when cleaning. Generally, there are two ways by which you can use a cloth to remove the superficial dust on the grills. Firstly, dip the cloth in detergent or water and vinegar and gently wipe the grills. Moving your hand from one corner to the other will ensure that all the areas of the grills (front and back) are cleaned thoroughly. Secondly, use a clean cloth to wipe the grills after you have finished brushing the grills using a brush. If you still find it difficult to remove stubborn stains, use a strong detergent for best results.

Clean your grills regularly using a brush

Use a premium quality brush that has soft bristles to dust off the dirt that is attached to the grills of your windows. Using a brush to remove all the dust and grime from the grills before you begin washing or wiping them with water helps make the cleaning process easier. In addition, using a brush to clean the grills helps you remove the materials that get stuck on the grills due to the exposure of environmental factors. Additionally, using a brush not only help get rid of the sticky residue from the hard to every nook and corner of the grills, but also ensures that every dirt particles accumulated on the grill is cleaned thoroughly. For best results, use this window grill cleaning tool on a regular basis.

Avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning

Most homeowners often use chemicals to clean window grills in an attempt to shorten their task and make the cleaning process easier. However, since most grills are crafted with metals, using chemicals no matter how mild can damage the grills or cause them to rust. Moreover, the ingredients present in commercial cleaning products often cause various health hazards. While some may cause immediate or acute hazards such as watery eyes, respiratory irritation or chemical burns, others may cause chronic effects such as cancer.

Clean using a solution of water and vinegar

Using a vinegar and water solution is one of the best solutions for window grill cleaning. Using this solution for cleaning window grills will not only help you maintain the original appearance of your grills, but also ensure the grills are spotlessly cleaned with no visible stain left behind. Since all the dust, grime and sticky materials are wiped off using the solution; it gives the grills a shinning appearance that everyone will love.

Avoid using Abrasives and adhesives

Most people often tend to use abrasives and adhesives in an attempt to remove stubborn stains or give their grills a shinning look. However, it must be noted that using them can harm your grills than do any good. Using adhesives and abrasives can leave scratches on the grills and mar their appearance. To remove stubborn stains or sticky materials from the grills, it is recommended that you determine the nature of the blemishes and try eliminating them using some soft material or cotton dipped in a strong detergent. This will help safeguard the appearance of the grills and also keep them thoroughly clean.

Always use Hot water

To use window grill in a more efficient way, use water for cleaning. Using hot water with the detergent is one of the best ways to get rid of the dirt and sticky materials such as oils from the grills. Hot water is especially very helpful for cleaning window grills in your kitchen. For best results, soak socks or cotton cloth in a solution of hot water and detergent wipe the grills gently with it. Using hot water can help lift even the stubborn stains from the grills easily. In fact, you will be surprised how clean your grills become even when you have not used any chemicals or brush.


When cleaning window grills it is important that you take maximum personal care. Using window grill cleaning chemicals or using strong detergents can often cause severe reactions on your hands. It is therefore imperative that you use a protective covering for your hands such as gloves when cleaning grills.

The above mentioned methods for window grill cleaning can work owners if there are applied appropriately. However, as a rule of the thumb, avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning as it may not only be harmful for your skin, but can also cause discoloration of the grills. As for detergents, use only those that are recommended for grill cleaning. Avoid using abrasives and adhesives and ensure that you use only use only hot water for cleaning to remove all the sticky materials

Clean grills and windows play a crucial role in contributing to the overall neatness of your home. Most people often spend their and energy cleaning the floors and dusting the windows and forget the grills. Cleaning the window grills is essential to give your windows a clean appearance. Additionally, while cleaning grills help maintain your window quality in a perfect manner, it also ensures that you stay away from infections caused due dirt. Well maintained window grills allow the residents to enjoy the view from the window and also project a pleasant exterior to an outsider. So if you want to enjoy a clean environment and also make you home looks neat and clean, ensure that you do window grill cleaning regularly.
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