How Much Does HDB Window Grilles Cost In Singapore?

Window grills are coated or stainless steel bars which often act as a defense against break- ins into a person’s home. For thousands of years, decorative window grills have been very popular. Although wrought iron continues to be a favourite choice for most people, today’s grills are being made using faux iron, vinyl and aluminium, which is often an ecologically- friendly alternative. Basically, the variety of designs as well as materials that are currently available can give each and every home in Singapore a new look.

How Much Does HDB Window Grilles Cost In Singapore?

History of HDB Window Grills

For more than 1, 000 years ago, iron has been forged into various intricate designs so that it can be used for different purposes. Among the most common uses of iron is the making of window grills. Generally, for reasons of security and safety, iron can also make a stylish addition to your home. Don’t you think that is great? With the advent of vinyl and aluminium, choices have multiplied. Currently, home owners can hassle free find window grills in any color and material from brass to stainless steel to aluminium and vinyl and the perennial favourite i.e. wrought iron.

Benefits of HBD Window Grills

Grills at your window can add safety and strength to your home, while at the same time offering architectural touch. Note that the additional of window grills instances gives any home beauty and character hence making the place have a unique look.

With the variety of materials and styles from which you can choose from, a person can easily find the right style for any type of home.

Materials Used to Make HBD Window Grills
Aluminium can be easily shaped into a sleek and attractive one- piece grill which is somehow stronger than steel but lightweight. Normally, vinyl grills sandwiched between several plates of insulated glass in various different shapes will make you have the following options to choose from i.e. Victorian, traditional, chalet, classic, colonial or even your individual custom design.

Faux iron which is often made from the recycled wood and which also is available in a selection of different classic designs can enhance the appearance of your home. However, wrought iron that can nowadays be made in every kind of iron i.e. from brass to cast iron or stainless steel, still remains the most favourite. A person is thus always recommended to go for wrought iron because of its durability, security as well as the attractive nature it adds to people’s homes.

How Much Does HDB Window Grilles Cost in Singapore?

Uses of HDB Window Grills
Decorative HDB window grills normally serve a variety of purposes. For instance, they not only often provide security and safety but they also make the house look attractive. Window grills can easily add architectural details to the interior as well as exterior of your home. They offer a level of privacy as well as give your decoration an instant face lift. Also, these window grills when properly installed can offer an architectural embellishment to the interior and exterior of a person’s home, thereby enhancing curb appealing features and in the long run adding more value to the property they’ve been installed in.

How Much Does HDB Window Grilles Cost in Singapore?

Despite being aware of the various HDB window grill’s benefits, uses as well as materials that can be used to make them, the most crucial part that you should put at the back of your mind before you think of buying them is the cost involved in purchasing as well as installing them. Basically, vinyl and aluminium are often the most affordable treatment. Also, faux iron is relatively inexpensive. All the products which have been made using steel, whether cast iron or stainless, will normally prove to be more expensive.

The material used in making window grills is usually one factor that will determine the cost of the different type of HDB window grills currently available in the market. The intricacy of the window grill design as well as whether the window grills is a custom design or a stock style will also play a crucial role in the cost of the final product. However, despite the prices being determined by the materials used to make the window grills, you should note that it is most likely that the most expensive ones will last longer and will enhance more the safety of your premises.

Last but not the least; if you’re in Singapore, ensure that you do a thorough research before purchasing any kind of window grills. This will ensure that you get a product that suits your needs best. Thank you.

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