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Well, if you were looking on how to improve your house, window grill is an excellent idea! In the past window grills were being made in horizontal and vertical iron bars. But as time goes by and the technology is drastically rising there are new types and various designs of the grills. These days using windows grills not only give you more safety to your house but it gives a great fashionable design. Getting new models of window grills is a very popular home improvement in Singapore.

Window Grill

Give your window a great new layout with some fancy grill design. Using the window grill models you are getting a few benefits like:

· Improved protection
· Giving your house a brand new look

Whether your own home is a regular or fashion, you can always choose what style you would like to use. Mostly people are using window grills because of security. Today you can find a large number of design options which allows you to improve protection of your home and gives your home a great look at the same time. Choosing the best options can be determined on several factors like the size of the windows and the total cost. You should be note that the choices are large, so you should know what your final look is going to look like in order to calculate your budget for this improvement. In order for your windows to get a great new look you should know what kind of grills you can find.

There are three types of grills you can choose:

· Aluminium
· Wrought iron
· Aluminium wrought window grills.
The mainly asked question between people is what type of window grills should I choose? The answer of this question is easy. It usually depends on your budget and your purpose of getting window grills.

Window Grill


The most common and used grill in Singapore is the aluminium. The mainly reasons why this is the most popular choice is because it is cheap and will not rust in the humid weather condition in Singapore. The original color of this grill is bronze and silver, however the aluminium window grills can be colored in white, green, blue, purple etc. If you were looking for simple and elegant window grills, this may be your great option. Aluminium grills are easy to move and very economical. This is a good choice where durability is the main priority since it won’t rust over time or get rots after being exposed to rain water.

Wrought Iron Grill

The security of your home is essential, no matter where are you living people do get broken in and the weakest breaking point is the windows. Wrought iron window grill is mostly chosen from the home owners because of the wide choice of designs, colors etc. The people who are interested in buying this kind of grills should know that the wrought iron is prone to rust, so they are often advised to buy some protective material for extra protection. Because of its strength and durability, wrought iron grill is the best choice you can make if you are looking to improve the protection of your house.

Wrought Aluminium Grill

And the last choice of the window grills is the wrought aluminium window grills. This is a superior choice compared to the both grills above. Why?
· Combined strength of both above grills
· Wide choice in colors
· Huge choice in design
· Not going to rust like the wrought iron

This is the least common choice from the people because it has premium pricing.

The mainly advantage of using window grills is the fact that you can create and personalize layout selections that could fit to any residence! You can pick from simple or attractive designs or mix the both to get what you want! There are new grills with increased layout and you can choose in a huge range of pretty style to make them perfect for every home.

Window Grill

In order to keep the safety level high for your children, aluminium window grill is the best option you have as it is cheap and will never rust no matter how the weather is outside. This type of grill has a fewer design options compared to the wrought iron and wrought aluminium grill. In case you are buying the aluminium window grills you should customise the size of the window grill opening to less than 5 inches, so your child cannot reach out their head outside. If you are looking to keep your house safe from burglars you should choose between the wrought iron and wrought aluminium window grills. These types of grills are made of solid material, so in that way they have enhanced strength for extra protection!

In this post we have mentioned almost everything about the window grills that you should know. You should pay attention to the size, grill type and design if you want to keep your security and the level of attractiveness high of your house. According to your budget and your needs you can always choose between several options. If you want to improve the protection of your home you should choose between:
· Wrought iron
· Wrought aluminium window grills

However the wrought aluminium window grill is the least choose options due its premium pricing list. Buying the wrought iron you should keep in mind that as time goes by it will rust. So you should buy some galvanized material for bonus protection. If your purpose of getting window grills is to improve your home beauty this is one of the many ways in starting to make your home look more awesome plus you are getting higher protection.

Aluminium window grills is the cheapest type of material for grills, being followed by the wrought iron and the last is wrought aluminium. The choosing options are like these because the wrought iron is double the price of aluminium grille while the wrought aluminium is almost triple the price of the aluminium. Having this in mind, the big difference between the price of the window grills, the most popular choice in Singapore is aluminium window grills.

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We are specialists in: Aluminium window, wrought iron gate, sliding window, invisible grilles,
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