Everything You Need To Know About Window Grills

Window grills are bars used for decorative purposes, placed in between the panes of a window to match the aesthetic of the windows or to simply give the window a unique look. Home owners use window grills to make their windows look unique and stylish and stand out from the rest of the homes. A number of window manufacturers in Singapore offer a variety of choices when it comes to the design and type of grill, but it is entirely upon the home owner to decide on the layout or style, as well as how the grills will look with the windows of their houses. Grills are paced in between the panes of the window during installation time so that they do not interfere with cleaning and maintenance process of the glass or the effectiveness of emissivity coatings.

Window Grills

The Layout of window grills
A home owner or designer has several choices regarding how the window grills will look after installation. These choices include colonial, prairie, ladder and double ladder. These are the most preferred layouts for replacement windows panes. The most common grill styles for Singaporean home owners is prairie and colonial styles. Colonial style is preferred by home owners who would like their tall and narrow windows to look a bit more wider, or in cases where the home owner would like a panel look. Prairie style gives the window a great frame effect especially when it is designed in a golden or metallic color from vinyl. But it is entirely upon the home owner to decide on the best grill style for their home, according to their imagination.

Window Grill styles

Just like it is in the case of grill layout, there is also a number of colors, sizes and styles that a home owner can adopt. It is common for window manufactures to carry grills that are in the same color with the windows, with an option of golden, metallic or silver finishes. A window grill can be either flat, circular or adopt a protruding edge design. The sizes range from a quarter inch for circular grills to 13/8 inches for flat window grills. Window that have wider panels have their grills manufactured from aluminium while those with thinner panes come with plastic grills. Grills are one of the few areas where a home owner gets to customize their own windows, therefore manufactures accommodate a variety of choices so that they can appeal to different tastes of their customers.

Problems Associated with window grills

Matching the Grills with the windows

This is one of the biggest problem for home owners. Getting to match the window grills to different window in your home is daunting especially if you are installing them in an already built home. However, this is not a major problem if your windows are all in the same profile (height of the frame). But if different windows in your home have been installed in different profiles, the grills will in turn look different on their respective windows. It is important to discuss the window profiles with your project consultant if you are considering window grills for replacement windows.

Window Grills

Efficiency of Energy

Installing grills on a window reduces it's energy efficiency. This is because the grill occupies the space inside the insulated unit, hence limiting the amount of sun that gets into your home. They also limit the amount of gas getting into the sealed unit, making the glass more susceptible to loss of heat than normal windows. This problem however, can be easily rectified by adding a low emission coating on the glass to improve the efficiency levels.

Falling Grills

This is a major post installation problem that happens when the gills fall out of place. When the window shifts and settles in the opening after is is installed, the grills are prone to coming apart from the sealed unit of the wall, and fall off. Most construction contractors have this problem covered in the window's warranty. Unfortunately, a fallen grill is not easy to fix. The only solution is a complete replacement of the whole sealed unit. Once again, make sure to discuss the terms of warranty with your contractor before you get new window grills.

Benefits of Window Grills

Installation of window grills is an old practice which is still in vogue due to the vast benefits that it presents. If you are a Singaporean resident weighing on whether or not to install window grills, below are some facts that will ease your apprehension and make you make a decision in their favor.

Window Grills


Windows especially glass windows, are one of the most vulnerable points of a home if they are not provided with an extra protection. You can be an easy target to vandalism and burglary. However by installing grills in your windows, you diminish this threat by a great extent. Apart from keeping predators at bay, you will also be maintaining safety from within especially if you have young children in the house who are bound to be interested in exploring the surroundings through the windows.

Fresh Air

Glass window are very effective in letting sunlight into the house, but on the downside, they block air circulation when closed. Window grills will work immensely in your favour if you are a fan of keeping your windows open even during the night. This is a superb way to keep your home well ventilated.


There are very few things that can compete with a well designed wrought iron grill in your home. The good news is that window grills have continuously evolved from plain steel bars that were very similar to prison bars to various patterns and designs which makes their installation give a definite boost to the style you intend to set for your living space.


Window grills remain one of the most popular styles for most homeowners today, especially homes that have a traditional styling. In many historical architectural styles, you will find that window grills are a must. If you need a window grill that will match the architectural style of your home, you should make sure that to choose a window replacement contractor who will present you with an option of different grill styles and combinations.

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