Double Glazed Window Benefits

Double glazing is also known as insulated glazing and it refers to the use of two panes of glass to cut down on heat transmission and noise in windows and doors. All buildings lose heat through their windows but by double glazing your windows you will be assured that your family is comfortable at all the time in your home.

This type of glazed window has various advantages which include keeping the home warmer, quieter as well as reducing your energy bills. Below are some of the benefits of a double glazed window that we have outlined for you:


· Ensures a more relaxing atmosphere in the home.

Since many of us do not enjoy having heating and cooling systems that are always turning on and off, making unpleasant noises and often bombarding us with either hot or cold air, we can use the alternative to this by having double glazed windows. However this type of glazed window will ensure that your entire family feels comfortable at home since it has the ability to keep the warmth in during cold weather and the heat out during hot weather. These windows guarantee the stability of your homes temperature and also cut down on the numerous times your heating and cooling system has to be turned on and off.

· Cuts down on energy bills.

Another benefit of double glazing windows is that doing this lowers energy bills. We all know that energy bills are always increasing by the day and this can be a major issue to your family’s budget. However you can counter this problem by improving the thermal performance of the windows in your home through double glazing them. This is because windows usually have a high influence on the overall heating and cooling of a building and doing this cuts down on energy costs. Apart from creating thermal insulation in your home, having a double glazed window in your home also reduces green house emissions.

· Guarantees a calm environment in your home.

Everyone enjoys having a quiet and peaceful home because in today’s world even the slightest noises can prevent us from enjoying calm environment at home. Double glazing your windows cannot do much about the internal noise in your home but can surely make ensure that all external noise is kept out by cutting any noise pollution that you might be exposed to. These noises include annoying sounds from traffic, barking dogs, noisy neighbours, loud air conditioners, aircraft noise, neighbouring pubs and clubs etc. The double glazed windows ensure sound insulation in the home by creating a quick obstacle between your home and the outside surrounding.

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· Increase Safety in the home.

As you might already know, most break-ins usually secure entry through windows. However you can ensure the safety of your home by acquiring double glazed windows. A double glazed window is generally tougher to break than a single pane window since it is usually sealed tighter and is also difficult to force in from the outside as compared other windows. Current double gazed windows increase the safety in a home because they have advanced multi-point locking technology and security – enhancing Upvc framing.

· Lessens Damage to furnish.

Another benefit of this type of glazed window is that it reduces damage that could be caused on furnishings by factors such as sun and heat. Double glazed windows control the amount of heat and sun entering a room and this in turn helps to reduce the damage caused on your carpet, furniture, paintings and other items around the home by this aspects.

· Eliminates condensation.

In many homes today, condensation on windows has become a big problem. Condensation usually occurs when moist air meets with a cold surface and you may have witnessed this when your bathroom mirror fogs up or even on a glass of water. Some of the problems that condensation can cause on your window include damaging the window frame especially the wooden frames and if in excess it can also cause harm on the floor, carpet, wall, architrave etc. Condensation causes high moisture levels which could also be breeding grounds for moulds. However, double glazing the windows of your home eliminates condensation since the gas trapped in between the two layers of glass ensures that inside the glass remains at a standard temperature.

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· Reduces your carbon Foot print.

There has been a high increase in global warming and climate change among us over the years and this has caused elevated temperatures worldwide. This factor has become a major issue on the safety and insurance rates of many people without forgetting the disfavoured future of our children. However as mentioned earlier, this type of glazed window cuts down on green house gas emissions by heating and cooling your home extensively thus reducing your carbon foot print.

· Boosts the value of your home.

Double glazing your windows will also help boost the value of your home by enabling you to get a high star energy rating. This rating will in turn provide an excellent return on investment (ROI) when you are refurnishing or extending. You will have reduced power bills and also get extra bonuses just by using double glazing on your windows. Also put in mind that any home that has high ratings will also have high sales prices.

A Double Glazed window is the ultimate energy efficient choice that any home should have because it comes with all the benefits we have mentioned above. The advantages of double glazed windows have been made possible by the enhanced features e.g. the additional layer of insulation that is added to the window when double glazing that ensure your home is at a more comfortable temperature during cold and hot seasons.

Double glazing provides the reverse effect during summer thus preventing unwanted heat from getting into the home. The extra insulation layer also reduces your dependence on artificial heating and cooling systems thus ultimately cutting down on the energy costs in your home. This enables you to save more every year especially if you have installed double glazing in a completely single glazed house.

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We are specialists in: Aluminium window, wrought iron gate, sliding window, invisible grilles,
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