Does Invisible Grilles Break Easily?

Invisible grilles have become so popular in Singapore and many other parts of the world because of their many advantages. Crime rates have gone up in every part of the world so many people are looking for better ways to improve their security. Grilles have been with us for many years but traditional grilles compromised with the aesthetic appeal of your house and office. The big wrought iron or aluminium bars made spaces look dull, ugly and uncomfortable as they gave the feeling of being in a mental facility or a prison cell. Invisible grills offer security and safety and does not affect the beauty of your building.

Does Invisible Grilles Break Easily?

Does an invisible grille break easily?

They are totally invisible from a distance because the wires are so thin, but do not mistake them for being weak. The thin aluminium wires are so strong they cannot be easily broken with any handy tools. Each wire is built with a cable that can withstand massive force of up to 250 pounds making it virtually impossible to break. The cables are in-built with high tension such that they are extremely strong and durable you will have to get a high tech powered equipment to cut through them. The aluminium made thin wires are high conductors of heat thus can withstand very high temperatures before they are destroyed. It is extremely malleable, strong and flexible so it can take a lot of hitting and bending without breaking. It is non-corrosive so it does not wear and tear easily due to moisture, weather conditions or other external and internal factors so its integrity is not compromised.

Other benefits of invisible grilles:

• Allows incorporation of alarm systems for increased security 
They are perfect for installing alarm systems on because they cannot be noticed easily a careless intruder will trigger them without being aware. When these grilles are combined with an anti-burglary alarm they are a powerful combination for offering security. Any breach from the outside of the grilles will trigger the alarms especially on the balconies, which offer easy access to most intruders. A full range of security for your house or office can be ensured if all the grilles on the windows, doors or balconies are mounted with an alarm system.

• Does not obstruct your view
Traditional grilles greatly hindered people from enjoying the outside view. Invisible grilles let you enjoy the landscape of your garden or the perfect view offered by your house surrounding. You can enjoy the activities going on the outside of your office to break the boredom of your work and relax a bit. The scenery from the outside can clearly be viewed from the inside without struggling. They also ensure light and fresh air gets into your house.

• No compromise on design
They do not interfere with your interior or exterior design. They make your house more spacious and comfortable. They let the sun inside and the natural light greatly complements the interior paintings. Your house feels warmer and neat. These grilles are made by the latest technology which puts recent styles into the equation. They are also engineer cut so they do have ugly looking protruding. Aluminium is a great reflector of visible light ensuring your rooms are always brighter.

• Easy to maintain
They are very easy to clean and maintain. The thin wires do not rust so they do not need to be scrubbed to remove the rust. They are neat and tidy and you just have to wipe them to remove dust. The engineer cutting ensures they are safe to clean since they have a smooth exterior.

• Easy to install
In case you are fretting about changing your traditional grilles to invisible grilles because you think it will be a daunting and expensive task you are mistaken. They are easily accessible in Singapore and there are many technicians who can fix them for you at an affordable rate and fast too. Their thin nature makes them simple to install. They can also be removed easily when you are changing residence and installed to your new place without costing you more.

• Prevent accident
Reports of pets, children and even adults falling off the balcony, stair way and open windows are very common. These accidents can result in death or terrible injuries. Invisible grilles prevent such fatal accidents from occurring.

New technologies for grilles are being invented everyday so we can expect better invisible grilles. The current invisible grilles are however, perfect for giving you security and safety. They are neat and stylish. They do not rust and ensure better ventilation and natural light enters your House. It also protects you from common thieves and high skilled robbers because of its combination with anti-burglary alarm systems. Get a free consultation from our experts to know how best to install the invisible grilles.

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We are specialists in: Aluminium window, wrought iron gate, sliding window, invisible grilles,
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