How To Choose The Best Aluminium Window Design?

Are you looking forward to renovate your home or build a new house in Singapore? Yes! Then it is better choose the aluminium window to make your home look impressive. These windows offer an aesthetic appeal to your abode. Most of the people in Singapore have HDB homes that have big sized windows. These windows need to be made with strong metals like aluminum so that these cannot be damaged easily or no one can break them to get into your residence in Singapore. So it is essential to choose the best windows according to your requirement.

Choosing the Best Aluminium Window Design

Now, if you are confused about how to choose the best aluminium window, just relax! Here are some useful tips.

Choosing the right type of windows:

There are many types of window designs available in Singapore that you can select depending on your choice. There are double hung windows, single hung windows, bi fold windows, awning windows, sliding windows, casement windows, hinged windows and fling open windows. Two things you should keep in your mind while choosing them, first the location of your home and second, the design of your abode. Whether you own a HDB flat, villa or a condo, you can offer a lavish look with any one of these window designs.

Select the best window glass:

Aluminium window design looks good when you team it up with a matching glass. You can opt for a frosted glass look if you wish to have a good level of privacy. Apart from that, there are light tinted, medium tinted and dark tinted frosted glassed. These glasses let sunlight come in your home and prevent the rooms from getting very hot during the sultry days of Singapore. Do you have any window that does not face any common corridor? Yes! Then the clear glass will be ideal as it would make your home look bright.

Choosing the number of panels:

If you live in a HDB home in Singapore, you will have to stick to the regulations about the number of panels that you can have. The HDB rules specify that each panel of the sliding window cannot be more than 1.2 m. But if you have an independent house or an apartment, you can decide the number of panels based on the size of the window.

Opt for the best window grill:

When choosing the grills for the windows, opt for the aluminium grill or wrought iron grill. Even though both these metals are durable enough, the aluminium grill offers an enchanting look to the window as well as the home. You can opt for the ones with powdered coated look as they can withstand any amount of wear and tear.

Choose the finest locks for windows:

When you have small children at home, it is imperative to include locks in your aluminium window design so that they can't open it during the rainy days in Singapore or throw something valuable or their toys out of the window. Therefore, you must choose the best lock that is quite strong so that no one can open or break easily.

Thus, if you follow all these tips, you can choose the best aluminium window design in Singapore.
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