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Window grills are the popular decorative style for the homeowners who look in giving their windows the elegant look, traditional, and the increased curb appealing from outside. The decorative patterns actually comprise of the horizontal and the vertical bars which are placed in between the glass inserts and the panes to make windows which stands out from the others in the surrounding buildings. The window grill ,home ,Singapore are positioned between window panes during the manufacturing and do not interfere with the maintenance and cleaning of a glass, or the efficiency of the low-emissivity coating.

Window Grilles

Factors to into consideration when looking for the window grills

1. Primary purpose

The window grills can be installed for the security measures to prevent the entry through large and accessible windows. If the security is the primary concern to you, the grills need to be made of the substantial materials and well fastened without removable screws which have the deep cut in the window frames.

2. Energy efficiency

If you’re concerned about the grills reducing an energy efficiency of the windows, you require to consider getting the additional low-emissivity coating on the glass so as to improve the performance and the efficiency.

3. Matching grills to the windows

Finding the grills which match the windows you have can be challenging if the windows have different frame or profiles height, making the grills to appear different to their respective windows. But, you may discuss different windows profile with the consultant so that you can have the idea of what you are going to expect when the grills are being installed.

4. Diamond shaped

The diamond shape usually uses the strong diagonals to make it strong and also beautiful. The key benefit for these window grilles is that they usually have more the metal which is stronger. This shape gives the window the friendly look when compared to with other counterparts which give a window the harsh appearance.

5. The material you’re going will use

Make sure you choose the right material which suits the preference and the taste. Because of the fact that people are different, the taste of the people can differ. However, if you’re looking to make your home very secure from the burglars when at the same time considering the beauty, then the aluminum grilles can suite you. If you’re from the low crime rate area in Singapore, you will go for the wooden grills. These grills are beautiful, but they’re not strong like the aluminum counterparts.

6. Horizontal shaped

You can think of the grilles which make your house to look like the prison. But, this is, in fact, different from the prison grills. The prison grilles are usually vertical in the shape. These types of grills are common to many people. By having them, they are the best because they’re simple and beautiful.

Window Grilles

7. The grills’ size

The size becomes the key factor when choosing the right window grills. There are those who choose large window grills, while others prefer those which have small spaced. Every grill has its advantage and also its disadvantage. But the most outstanding advantage for the big grilles is air supply whereas the small ones are more secure.

8. The Moroccan shaped

This includes the tight curves, woven patterns, and open spaces to make the house appear beautiful and also secured at the same time. Actually, this type of grill is suited to the houses which have ornaments and outdoor decoration. They counterpart the house design. They’re always preferred by people who can wish the houses to appeal to the ancient Moroccan design.

9. The color which you would like

Many grills usually come in the metallic color or the powder coated color. So as to match the window with the grills you may need to make sure they are of similar color. Nevertheless, mostly fitted window grills in Singapore are the aluminum material. Therefore the two colors are the best shot but if you hope to install the grills which are made from the wrought iron, the colors are different which you will choose from. All the time ensure the color of the grilles matches them in the windows.

The importance of window grills

They offer security

Those people who opt for the very strong grills can install the window grills which are made from the wrought iron. These grills ensure well security because they are strong and also unbreakable. In Singapore, there are different types of window grills are available. So as to provide the emergency exit in a house, there is the chance for the fire breakout hinged grills which are being used. These grills are fit to offer an easy exit. Another option is the sliding grills, they need minimum space which may be available in various designs and colors.

Barring unauthorized access

Any opening space in front of the building could become the potential point of unauthorized access. The windows are most vulnerable to this because some windows face the deserted street. Glass pane allows the intruders to see through the windows where they can plan the break into. The window grills act like the protective armors to the window because breaking or cutting bars of the steel is not that easy.

Protecting the glass panels

By making the protective shield to the windows, the window grills shield fragile glass panels against the damage by attempted break-ins or vandalism. Window grills may be designed in a way that they’re raised off a surface of a window and window surface can’t be simply reached from the outside.

Window Grilles

The psychological deterrent

Despite the fact that home alarm systems can be accurate when detecting unauthorized access, the window grills have the preventive action. To see the house protected by the window grills can offer you the impression which the security provisions have made and which acts like the psychological deterrent for the anti-social components.

Safety from the falling hazards

Window grills offer relief to the homeowners with the young children by inhibiting accidental fall. You may leave the windows open so as to enjoy the pleasant weather without the worry of the potential falls.

The ornamental value

The window grills’ design has been uplifted to work of art. Style range from more contemporary simple patterns to ornamental complex pattern. Grills have different design varieties than the security bars.

In conclusion, it is important for you to be sure of the benefits and the purpose of the window grills you want to have and serve. This will give you ample time and the better time when choosing the window grills which you want.

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We are specialists in: Aluminium window, wrought iron gate, sliding window, invisible grilles,
staircase railings, casement window & aluminium gate


Window Grilles? Wrought Iron Gate? Sliding, Casement Window? Invisible Gate?

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