Some Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Window Grill

Window grill in Singapore is a very important tool to be installed on your window so as to prevent unauthorized intruders from entering your home hence provides maximum security. You cannot just go to the market and buy the window grills without a prior thought and advices from the experts. This may lead to the choice of the wrong grills that will not serve the intended purpose. It is therefore very important to do a thorough research before purchasing them. However, there are some people in Singapore who are not interested in installing window grills just because they associate them with the prison vicinity. They view the whole idea as torturing their children or pets. That is not the case as when the window grills are properly installed.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Window Grill

1.The use of the wrong materials
The material selection is very important since different materials have different strengths. You have to choose a material that can overcome the stresses exerted by the walls. There are very many cases where the grills in the window are curved due to excess longitudinal stresses. This implies that you have to look for an expert to give you the amount of stresses that are exerted by your walls then choose a material that can overcome those stresses. When your window grills are curved, they will not serve the intended purpose and they will not last for the intended period of time.

2.Leaving huge spaces between the bars
This is another very important aspect to be considered. This is due to the fact that large spaces can allow the intruders to enter your room. Moreover, large spacing between the metal bars forming the grills can be very dangerous as far as the security of your pets is concerned. The pets can fall out of the window accidentally as they can easily find their way out of the window. Ensure that the spacing is not very small but should not allow pets and kids to get out of the window.

3.The wrong design of the grills
There are very many designs of the grills. There are those suitable for the brick walls while others are suitable for the concrete walls. The specific designs are meant to provide maximum security and for safety purposes. The common mistake most people in Singapore do is to use say the grill designed for the concrete walls in a wooden wall. In other words, some people use the wrong design of the window grill. This will compromise the strength of the grill hence reduced lifespan and even can be damaged easily. Moreover, the intruders can easily find their way into the house.

4.The use of the wrong window grille thickness
You have to choose very well the thickness of the bars of your window grille. The mistake most people do is to use the wrong thickness of the bars. For instance, one may decide to use thick bars for a small window. This will obstruct you from viewing out of the window. If you also use very thin bars for a very large window, it will appear very odd. Ensure that you know the right size of the window grills that are required based on the dimensions of your window. You can ask an expert if you have no idea.

5.The use of a wrong color that will not match your window frame
The window grills are available in different colors. A common mistake when it comes to colors that most people do is to choose a color of the grill that will not match with the window frames. If you are not aware of the color combinations, then you can ask the seller of the grills or any other experts on the best color that will match well with your window frame.

6.Hiring of unskilled professionals to fix the window grills
This is a very dangerous mistake most people in Singapore do. They overlook the fact that the fixing of window bars requires an expert. There is the resolution of forces to ensure that they are properly balanced so as to avoid the resultant forces and stresses. An expert will ensure that there is no resultant force and the grills are in equilibrium state. Unskilled professional will just fix the grills without minding the resultant forces hence reduced lifespan.

7.Failing to consider the installation cost
People are all willing to pay any amount to the expert without comparing the costs. It is every one’s wish to reduce the total cost without compromising the quality. It is very important to compare so as to install the window grill at the lowest cost since cost is a very important factor to consider.

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