5 Ways To Choose The Right Window Grill For Your House

Any window seems to be incomplete without a grill. Getting a window grill installed is usually the next immediate step after getting a window installed. It is because of this fact that the windows and their grills are manufactured by the same manufacturer in Singapore.

Choosing Right Window Grilles For Your House

As simple as it may seem, deciding which grill to get installed is not a child's play. Here are few things that you must consider before getting a grill installed in your window.

1. Guidelines by Condo Management:

If the window you plan to put a grill on is a part of the fa├žade of the building, the first thing to take a note of is the guidelines by the condominium management regarding any structure that alters the external look of the condominium in any way. Different managements have different guidelines on the subject.

2. The design of your window:

Another aspect to consider is the design of the window. The window design should match the design of the grill, for Eg. A three panel window will necessarily need a three panel grill.

3. The material of window grill:

Aluminium and Iron are primarily the two types of materials employed in making window grills in Singapore. Aluminium grills give a more clean and simple look and are hence more popular in new constructions. It is also safer for kids because of the fact that it does not have sharp and rusting edges as compared to iron grill.
Wrought iron grills are stronger and can be molded into various designs and shapes. One major reason for the popularity of wrought iron grills in Singapore is the strength of the material. The strength of the material is directly related to safety and thus dictates the places of employment of wrought iron grills. Many people in Singapore go for wrought iron grills when the window is accessible from outside the house.

4. Color of the window grill:

In Singapore, aluminium grills are available mostly in powder coated and metallic shades. For aluminium grills, the color of the grill is matched with your window.
There is a wide range of colors to choose from in wrought iron grills. However, in this case the color of the grill is generally not matched with the color of the window.

5. Types of grills:

Window grills can be either fixed, sliding or casement types. In Singapore, sliding grills are preferred over casement and fixed types because they are safer. Fixed grill is a rare choice and casement grills are considered dangerous when installed inward open. However, some homeowners still prefer fixed over sliding in cases where the window has accessibility from outside. A fixed grill is sometimes regarded as a sealed potential fire exit by some. The final decision rests on the choice and reason of the homeowner.
These tips will go a long way in enabling you to decide what type of grill to go with in your window. It is important to make good use of the data provided here to ensure that you do not mess up with the grill installation, which when installed once, cannot be altered with ease.
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